Monday, May 31, 2010


The road to Sagada is almost as lovely as the place itself. It was one of my most contemplative journeys for two reasons: one, I traveled by myself, and two, the mountainous countryside was such a breath of fresh air- something different for a “beach person” such as myself.

I took the Baguio route (which takes 7 hours, starting from Dangwa market), a road which was sometimes unpaved and rough, that snaked on the side of a cliff, where vehicles have to stop to allow the automobile coming from the opposite direction to pass through the narrow lane.

Sagada town is almost like one of those storybook places- cozy houses with fireplaces, pine forests and a cool climate. Accommodations are abundant with the numerous hostels in town- I stayed at St. Joseph Resthouse (at Php150 per night), one of the popular places for backpackers and tired denizens of Manila seeking to escape urban life for a while.

There are a number of things to do- go trekking or spelunking in different caves (you need a guide, by the way), there’s the big and small waterfalls, sight-seeing around town, especially the hanging coffins.

Stay for a few days, stay for a week, or a month. Maybe its the cool mountain air, or maybe its the peace and quiet (there are no loud parties or clubs in Sagada- mostly folk music), but I guarantee you, by the time you head home you’d be a changed person.

Food: Always fresh and affordable. I once tried spaghetti at Yogurt House and the flavors and taste was so different from those in the city. The tomato sauce was made from scratch (and real BIG tomatoes) which made a big difference. Of course the salad was also outstanding.

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