Sunday, May 30, 2010

Puerto Galera

Top five reasons to visits Galera:

5-- SEAFOOD BINGE: Anything from Sizzling Gambas at Peter’s to seafood kebabs at your ihaw-ihaw kainan overlooking the beach. The only strange thing is that food is almost just as expensive as if you’re still in Manila.

4-- SNORKELLING Ask anyone who have been to Galera- this is always a favorite activity, second only to banana boat and people-watching at the beach. Rent a boat for about Php 1,000 to 1,500 (again depending on your haggling skills) and treat yourselves to a little island hopping and snorkelling. Just watch out for jellyfish and bring an underwater camera for fun shots.

3-- SUNBATHING Working forty hours a week inside an airconditioned office in Makati can turn a person as pale as a fish’s belly. A nice suntan brings a certain glow to a tired face.

2-- MINGLE Single people work it in Galera. A sea full of eye candy and twenty-something yuppies in the mood for adventure and romance makes it the perfect place to snag a date.

1-- PARTY Only in Galera- the price of beer is almost as cheap as water (and sometimes they sell it buy-one-take-one). Yup, the food may be expensive but you can definitely drink like a fish. I guess this explains the perpetually festive mood.

Tip: Avoid peak seasons (summer, especially Holy Week) when room rates skyrocket- a room that’s worth 2,000 during off peak could cost as much as double to triple its price!

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