Sunday, May 30, 2010


If I were to choose a place worthy of comparison to Samar in terms of beauty, it would be Palawan. About an hour’s flight from Manila, Coron offers the best of nature- from exotic seascapes, to surreal wreck dives, to charming lagoons and hot springs.

The picturesque Banol beach and the thermal lake, accessible by outrigger boats make a day of island hopping completely unforgettable. It was also my first time to enroll in a diving course from one of the many dive resorts in the area.

Food is plenty and the people are very friendly. Coron town is quite small, so try to spend time exploring the sights and sounds. They also have a viewing deck up a hill that offers a stunning panorama of karst formations in the nearby lagoons.

Where to stay: Accommodation is never a problem in Coron- we even stayed at a hostel that was not listed in travel guides, and the rates were a surprisingly low Php500 per night.

The town is peppered with dive resorts such as Kokosnuss, Evergreen Diving, and Seadive Resort- all with complete diving equipments and qualified dive masters.

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